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Digital Dual Grade Laser - Range from –10% to +10%. All settings are presented on a large LCD screen. The laser is ideal for machine control and other dual grade applications. Automatic self-levelling in both horizontal and vertical modes. Choice of automatic or manual mode. Plumb beams for 90° layout work and centring over a point. H.I. Alert (Tilt function), alarm system in slope mode. Scanning mode, spotting plumb beam, variable speed of head rotation. Robust waterproof housing. All functions including slope setting can be controlled by the remote control.

Product Description

  • Digital gradient setting: deviation from the horizontal plane can set digitally in X and Y axes.the range is from -10% to +10%
  • All settings are presented on the large LC displays at both Laser and remote control.
  • With design of metal lighthouse as well as four handles it can provide excellent resistant to dropping or other impacts.
  • The laser is ideally for machine control and other dual grade applications
  • Automatically self-leveling in both horizontal and vertical by step motor control
  • Choise of automatic or manual mode.
  • H.I.Alert(Tilt function),alarm system in slope mode.
  • Scanning mode,spotting plumb beam,speed of rotate head adjustable
  • Robust waterproof housing.
  • All functions including slope setting can be controled and displayed by remote control.
  • Thanks to wireless remote is able to have all status of laser appeared on its LCD,Even for data of grade,they are visible and adjustable through its LCD. With an operation distance enlarged to 100m.

Level system: Electronic sensor fast leveling.
Level Accuracy: ±20"(± 3 mm @ 30 m)
Slope range:±10.00%
Slope accuracy:±10mm@10m
Automatic self-leveling range:5°
Laser source: Visible Laser Diode 635nm,Class II.
Operation range: 500m dia. with detector
Four head speeds: 60; 120; 300; 600 R. P. M.
Four scan widths:10°; 45°; 90°; 180°
Wireless remote control(optional):Available distance:100m
Operation temperature: -20ºC ~ +50ºC (-4°F~+122°F)
Power supply: DC 4. 8-6V (4 sections sub-C NI-MH battery)Battery
pack replaceable(Ni-MH battery pack or Alkaline battery
Continiuance working time: Approx.25hr.
Waterproof and dustproof: IP 65
Dimension: 206(L) X 206(W)X 211(H)mm
Weight: 2.5kg(w/batteries)


Accessories includes: Automatic Rotating
Laser Level(FRE203X-2S), Digital Detector(FRD800), Heavy
Duty Carry Case,laser glass, wireless remote, rechargeable
batteries,charger,extra battery pack with alkaline












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