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The Fukuda EK-118R is a self levelling cross line laser that projects one vertical and one horizontal line. It can be used for a wide array of level and/or plumb applications.  If the tilt is outside it's levelling limits, the device will make an audible alarm and flash on and off. Includes hard case, target and magnetic mount. 

General Features:

  • Bright Red Cross, rated class 3R
  • Vertical, horizontal & Cross line modes
  • Audible "out-of-level" alarm
  • Built-in locking system for safe transportation
  • Robust housing for site protection. IP Rating: IP33
  • With the 5/8" thread L-shaped support bracket the laser fits on a standard tripod. 


  • Leveling Range ±2.5°
  • Accuracy: ±1.5mm/5m 
  • Power supply: 3 pcs AA alklaine batteries Working temperature: 
  • Laser wavelength: 635nm
  • Laser Standard Class Ⅱ
  • Working Temperature -0℃-- +45℃




All of our products are shipped by courier.  The charge is €10 per order.

For orders to UK Mainland there is a flat rate of €25 per order as well as orders to France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Orders to Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland and Switzerland are charged at €35 per order.

Orders to Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Liectenstein, Finland, Norway and Serbia are charged at €45 per order.

We ship worldwide; but please contact us for a shipping quotation if your country is not in our list of countries.